About Us

We are children at heart so we put the children first!
Our primary maker tools are simple… creative writing and concept art, with a fascinating mix of secondary tools.

Our Mission

We create ‘made in Heaven’ stories that fill children with wonder and instill timeless values. Extend our child-friendly stories to people of all ages. And then produce concepts, ideas, and products crafted out of the stories.

Our Journey

We embarked on this exciting journey 10 years ago delivering works in creative writing, voice acting, songwriting and lyric composition, print and digital comics, and poetry performance. Recently we had the special honour to perform at the Lagos Theatre Festival, an initiative of British Council, Nigeria.

Our Lead

OLAJIDE AKONI is a creative writer, voice artist and poet. His works are typically characterized by highly imaginative tales/poetic narrations, with christian and inspirational themes. He resides in Lagos. See full bio.

From Our Desk

Daystar August Spoken word

So I was privileged to share the gospel in a creatively poetic way via the media of my church, Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, this August…

Free download! Picture book!

Here’s a product of The Storymaking West Africa Conference… The very first adventure of Ramuramu the goat(very nearly his last, too…)! Download for free! In Yoruba http://www.africanstorybook.org/reader.php?id=22643&d=0&a=1i In English http://www.africanstorybookafricanstorybook.org/reader.php?id=22798&d=0&a=1 …